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FRIDAY 09.22.17

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A.) Hang Snatch (above the knee)

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes

1 rep at 90+%

B.) 3RFT

15 hspu
21 db snatch (50/35)
500m row

*Hammer the shoulders then recover on the rower. The hspu should remain 3 sets or less each round. Concentrate on switching the db overhead to improve cycle rate. Pick a pace on the rower that is sustainable. Not looking to go from a 1:50/500m pace to a 2:30/500m pace.

TUESDAY 09.19.17

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A.) Dead Lift

4×2 80+%

B.) For Time

40 wallballs
8 bar muscle ups
30 wallballs
6 bar muscle ups
20 wallballs
4 bar muscle ups
10 wallballs
2 bar muscle ups

*Challenge yourself to not break up the wall balls more than one time per set. Learn to get comfortable with bigger sets.

Extra.) 5×15

-ghd sit ups
-hip extensions

*alternate between both movements
*5 sets at each movement

MONDAY 09.18.17

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A.) Back Squat

5×5 @80%

B.) 6RFT

8 thrusters (105/75)
8 bar facing burpees

***The Thruster should be unbroken every round. The key is getting yourself to pick up that barbell again right after the burpees. This is one of those pieces that the suck keeps creeping up on you. You have to get out in front of the suck. This will be a fast piece.

Extra.) Waiter Walks

30m x 3 (entire length of the gym floor)


*3 each arm, rest as needed