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TUESDAY 09.12.17

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Normal Schedule Today! We will update this post if that changes.

A.) Dead Lift

5×3 80+%

*perform lifts every 2 mins

B.) 12 Minute AMRAP

3 sdlhp
3 pull ups
30 foot hs walk
6 sdlhp
6 pull ups
30 foot hs walk
9 sdlhp
9 pull ups
30 foot hs walk


*Keep climbing ladder by multiples of 3
*Scale :20 handstand hold for hs walk
*Perform :20 overhead hold with barbell (75/55) if no handstand hold

Extra.) Weighted Box Step ups

3×12 (12 steps each leg, 24 total)

(50/35) increase if possible

FRIDAY 09.08.17 WOD

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A.) Hang Squat Snatch

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes perfrom

-2 hang squat snatches @85+%

*drop and reset between reps

*Scale to power snatch if still working on squat

B.) 4 minute AMRAP X 3

in 4 minutes perform

-400m run

-20 kbs (53/35)

-AMRAP hspu with remaining time

REST 2 Minutes between intervals, score total hspu

**Scale for the HSPU should be push ups to keep up intensity. If it is unlikely that you can complete in 4:00 scale back the run then the KB Swings.

Extra.) Double kb sumo deadlift

3×20 (70/53)

rest as needed between sets