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When you’re ready to IDENTIFY your STRENGTH and make your weaknesses work to your advantage, these are the folks that are going to help you do it. Our coaches are simply the best, most passionate, most talented group of fitness professionals in Atlanta. Come on by and see for yourself what intelligent training is all about.

  • NANO

    Nano is CFID’s official afternoon greeter and front desk manager. She specializes in kisses after a sweaty workout. When she gets really excited she makes sure you know it with butt wiggles and happy barks.

    When she’s not working at the desk, Nano lives at home with her awesome parents Breona and Brandon.

  • Brandon Wallin

    Owner/Head Coach

    Brandon is the owner and Level 2 CrossFit certified trainer at CrossFit Identity. Brandon is responsible for writing most of CFID’s programming and specializes in movement technique and lifting patterns. “My family and friends think I’m crazy because I’m always on my phone watching CrossFit videos,” says Brandon. “But there are few things I enjoy more than when one of our members grasps a challenging concept and gets that ‘I got it!’ moment.”

    Prior to joining the CrossFit Identity team, Brandon ran the CrossFit programming for over 70 athletes for another box in Decatur. “I really have a passion for bringing a fun and exciting vibe into our training sessions – but that’s not as difficult as it sounds. Our awesome members make my job really easy.”


    • CrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
    • Crossfit Kids
  • Blaine Strickland

    Senior Coach/Manager

    Blaine is a Level 2 Crossfit certified trainer at Crossfit Identity.  Blaine is the morning coach at CFID and believes that starting your day off with some sort of fitness to get the endorphins flowing and both your mind and body ready for the upcoming day ahead is imperative to your long term health.

    Prior to joining the Crossfit Identity team, Blaine grew up playing team sports and was accustomed to spending long hours in the gym training for various athletic endeavors.  After his team sports carrier ended and he joined the Corporate world he could regularly be found at a local big box gym riding the elliptical or getting in some bench press. “I had lost all sense of training for something, I was merely going to the gym to check that box off the list for the day because I felt like that was what I was supposed to do to be fit and healthy.”  It wasn’t until he found Crossfit that his passion for training and fitness was reignited. “Crossfit really stresses training to make improvements not just going through the motions, which really resonated with the athlete in me.” After visiting Crossfit Identity for the first time back in 2012 Blaine was immediately hooked, and has turned his passion for Crossfit into a passion for helping others to ignite their passion for fitness and allow fitness to change their lives, not only in the gym but also in their everyday life.  “I love coaching the morning classes, not only because I’m a early bird but also because I’m a firm believer that if you start your day off right with an extremely challenging task it will improve the rest of your day as well as give you a sense of accomplishment. I tell everyone in the morning classes you will have done more in this hour before most people are awake than 90% of people will do with their entire day.”


    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Mobility
  • Hannah

    Coach/Nutrition Specialist

    Hannah has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida.

    Prior to coaching CrossFit, Hannah was a student manager for the University of Florida women’s basketball team where she assisted in player development, team operations, and recruiting. She grew up playing competitive basketball and soccer and it was not until she started college that she found her love for CrossFit. Hannah quickly became passionate about training and felt it was only natural to share that passion with others.

    After graduating from UF, she decided to move to Atlanta to start her coaching career before going back to school to study physical therapy. Hannah’s favorite part about coaching is helping people accomplish their goals, feel more confident, and improve their overall health. Outside of CrossFit Hannah enjoys watching sports, eating Mexican food, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee.


    • CF L-1
    • NASM-CPT
  • Bridget


    Coaching Experience:

    Bridget has been coaching in some capacity since 2008 when she began coaching softball at the age of 18. She won a state title as a softball coach. Bridget is also an experienced weight room coach and began coaching CrossFit in 2017. Before moving to Atlanta, she opened her own non-for profit CrossFit Box (CrossFit Tiger Cage) at the high school where she taught.

    You can usually find Bridget coaching on Saturday mornings where she loves taking big groups through our Workout of the Day and threatening to use her “teacher voice” to get athletes to listen.

    Athletic Background:

    “I grew up playing all the sports, in high school I played softball, basketball, and ran cross county. I played softball at Indiana University. After that I really didn’t know what to do with myself, I missed working out but couldn’t find the right thing. I started CrossFit because my brother told me I would love it, and one of my college teammates had opened her own box (CrossFit 317) and everything she posted on Facebook about it looked awesome. I did my first workout in August of 2013 and haven’t looked back since!”

    Why I love coaching:

    “What I love most about coaching is the people! As coaches we have unique relationship with our athletes, and with CrossFit we get to do this during so many different stages of a person’s life. I really like the goal setting aspect of CrossFit, instead of focusing on body image, or numbers on the scale, we get to help athletes set goals that celebrate what their bodies are capable of, and somewhere along the way get better at life. I love that final bit of a workout where I can really push an athlete to leave it all out there, and when they finally catch their breath to join in on their feeling of accomplishment.  Being a positive force in another person’s life is super fulfilling, so multiply that times all our awesome members and it’s easy to see why this job is the best. Also, let’s be honest, I’m here for some high fives.”


    • CrossFit L-1
  • Breona Evans


    Breona is a Level 1 CrossFit certified coach at CrossFit Identity. She is a two-time Regionals athlete, finishing 7th in the Atlantic Region in 2016.  Her infectious smile and positive attitude are hard to miss and you’ll often hear her reminding those around her to “just have fun!”.

    “When I’m not training, I’m either thinking about my next workout, figuring out the optimal way to recover or finding new ways to improve myself and my athletes the next time I’m in the box,” Breona says.

    Prior to joining the Identity team, Breona was a competitive cheerleader at Georgia State University where she got her accounting degree – so unlike most of us, she doesn’t have a problem counting weights. Today she’s passionate about helping her members reach their full potential, even if it’s just a tiny bit every day.


    • CrossFit Level 1


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