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FRIDAY 04.19.19

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QOTD: What first name sounds normal for an adult but silly for a baby?

A.) Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Jerk, pick load

Every 1 min for 10 mins.
Jerk- split or power

Build weight for first 5 mins, then hold across for last 5 mins.

Intention: Speed strength.

B.) 3 Deadlifts, pick load

Every 3 mins for 15 mins.
Building every 3 mins. Start sets at or above 78%.

Intention: Absolute strength. Phase 2 of deadlift cycle.

C.) Nordic Curls 1×100
With partners, complete 100 reps in as few sets as possible.

Cool Down.) 4 rounds for quality of:
10 Supinated Barbell Bent Over Rows, pick load
Rest 1 min
15 Banded Lat Pull Downs
Rest 1 min
20 Banded Pull Aparts
Rest 1 min
8-10 Supinated Barbell Bent Over Rows
12-15 Banded Lat Pull Downs
Banded hamstring MOB

CFID Kids 04.18.19

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Arms, shoulders, glutes

WOD prep:

Prep the movements


With a 20 minute clock

Teams of 2. One athlete works while the other rests.

400 m Run

Then then @ the 5 minute mark

AMRAP 15 (minute 5 to 20)

6 Hang Power Snatches

6 Kettlebell Swings

6 – 5 second hangs

*Athletes will run 100 m then switch (Two 200 m each)

*Athletes will switch out reps to complete a full round of the 4, 6, 8 movements.

THURSDAY 04.18.19

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QOTD: What is the most outdated piece of technology that you use?

A.) 10 rounds, 1 min per station, for reps:
Row For Calories
Rest 30 secs
Wall Ball, 20/14 lbs, 10/9 ft
Rest 30 secs
Intention: Short aerobic intervals- high effort output but repeatable efforts without drop off.

Cool Down.) As many reps as possible in 10 mins of:
Assault Bike Calories
Complete as 10 mins of:
30 secs hard effort
30 secs easy spin
Accumulate 3 mins banded hip flexor distraction
Barbell roll quads

WEDNESDAY 04.17.19

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QOTD: Name a relationship deal breaker

A.) For time:
Run, 800 m
— then —
3 rounds of:
21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35
12 Pull-ups
— then —
Run, 800 m
— then —
3 rounds of:
12 Pull-ups
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35
— then —
Run, 800 m

Intention: Long aerobic grinder with a heavy emphasis on grip endurance. Note the flip in rep scheme for second half of workout.

Level 1: jumping pull ups

Cool Down.) 7 rounds for quality of:
Wall Facing Handstand Hold, 30 secs
Rest 15 secs
10 Kneeling Barbell Roll Outs
Rest 15 secs
Accumulate 3 mins on each leg: elevated pigeon

TUESDAY 04.16.19

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QOTD: What do you personally hate the smell of?

A.) Every 3 mins for 30 mins do:
3 Front Squats, pick load
12/9 Assault Bike Calories

  • Plan on doing this with a partner, partner A goes at 0:00

Intention: HEAVY squats followed by maximal effort sprint. Use previous weeks sets of 5’s as a guideline. Ideal completion time for total effort is 1 minute. It’s okay to build on the front squats but pay attention to the “drain” from assault bike sprint. This workout should have an anaerobic flavor!

Cool Down.) 3 rounds for quality of:
Isometric Wall Squat Hold, 1 min
20 Alternating Elevated Lunge + Step-ups, 12 in
Accumulate 3 mins couch stretch (hip flexor)- each side
Foam roll or barbell roll quads

MONDAY 04.15.19

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QOTD: What was your high school mascot?

A.) 5 rounds, 3 mins each of:

Row, 400/350 m

10 Burpees

max reps in time remaining, Power Snatch

Rest 3 mins between rounds.

Intention: Hard mixed modal aerobic intervals. Row time ideally is sub 1:30, burpees under 30 secs leaving 1 min to complete as many clean and jerks as possible.

Level 1: 65/45

Level 2: 95/65

Level 3: 115/80

SATURDAY 04.13.19

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A.) As many reps as possible in 24 mins of:
Run, 400 m
3 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Lunge, 50 ft
Run, 400 m
6 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Lunge, 50 ft
Run, 400 m
9 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups
Lunge, 50 ft

Continue increasing Chest-to-bar Pull-up reps by 3 each round until time is complete.
Record chest-to-bar pull-up reps only!

Intention: Long aerobic grinder.
Level 1: Seated strict pull ups
Level 2: Pull ups
Level 3: Chest-to-bar Pull-ups or Bar Muscle-ups

FRIDAY 04.12.19

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QOTD: What grocery item do you buy the most of?

A.) 2 Split Jerks, pick load

Every 1 min for 10 mins.
From the floor. Build weight for first 5 mins, then hold across for last 5 mins.

B.) 5 rounds for time of:
20 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 115/80 lbs
40 Plate Hops
Plate Hops- on 45/35 lbs plate, forwards/ backwards like a box jump

Hard time cap: 10 mins

Intention: Upper body press muscular endurance/ efficiency. Limit shoulder-to-overhead to either push press or push jerk (no split jerk).

Level 1: 75/55
Level 2: 95/65
Level 3: 115/80

Cool Down.) For time:
30 Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls, pick load, 50 ft
Get outside with some partners and complete.
Lax ball feet, delts, MOB calves