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SATURDAY 11.18.17

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Teams of 3

3 Rounds For Time
(30/25) cal Row
(20/15) cal bike
10 Front Squats (135/95)

*Waterfall style, this should be a sprint through each time… One athlete completes 30 cal row and moves to 20 cal bike. As soon as they move to the bike the next athlete starts the row. Continue in this fashion until all three athletes have finished the front squats. When the last athlete finishes the front squats the next round begins in the same order. 3 total rounds.

THURSDAY 11.16.17

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A.) 20 Minute AMRAP

20/15 calorie row
20 box jump overs
20 toes to bar
20 kbs (53/35)


**Reminder to sign up for our rowing seminar tonight. The seminar will replace the 6pm and 7pm class.  Space is limited at the 6pm but we have space for 7pm folks! Register here :

TUESDAY 11.14.17

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A.) Back Squat Speed Work
8×3 @65%
*Perform as EMOM
*Preach SLOW descent, explosive ascent
B.) For Time:
800m run
100 wallballs (20/14)
800m run
*Time domain for this piece should be <15 mins to keep the stimulus. Push the pace on the runs!
Extra.) Lunge hold
12 rounds (6 each side)
:30 on :30 off
*knee slightly off the ground

MONDAY 11.13.17

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A.) Clean and Jerk

6×3 @72.5-77.5%

*Perform lifts every 2:30, NO MISSES! Stick to the percentage

B.) 10 Minute AMRAP

Climb a ladder by multiples of 2

2 overhead squats
2 hspu
4 overhead squats
4 hspu
6 overhead squats
6 hspu


*This high skill piece will likely need to be scaled for most. Try to preserve squat depth and the pressing with the shoulders to get the desired stimulus. Always want to prioritize full ROM squat and solid pressing.

Extra.) Strict chest to bar pull ups

12×5 rest as needed between sets