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MONDAY 01.28.19

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Warm Up:

before class:

3 sets

ski erg 300 meters

hold hollow for 30 seconds


t-spine mob


crossover activation/ or gymnastic theraband series

in class:

5 quick sets

10 slam balls

10 sit-ups

10 shoulder taps in plank


2 position clean pull drill

drop and catch drills

2 position power clean

(3-5 reps at each position)


1 quick practice round

row 150 m afap


2 rounds

3 hpc

6 push-ups


A.) Hang Power Clean


*Build every 2 minutes

B.) In 20 mins do:

Row, 2000 m

then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:

6 Hang Power Cleans,

12 Push-ups

Level 1: 95/65, box push ups

Level 2: 135/95

Level 3: 185/125

Cool Down 1.) Dumbbell Hammer Curl 3x Max Rep

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.

Rest as needed between sets.


max effort heavy dumbbells

max effort moderate weight dumbbells

max effort light dumbbells

finish each set with max effort banded tricep push-downs

rest 3 mins between sets

Cool Down 2.) Band Tricep Push Downs 3x Max Rep

Rest as needed between efforts.

Cool Down 3.) Band Pull Aparts 1×100

in as few sets as possible

SATURDAY 01.26.19

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Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:
5 Thrusters, 95/65 lbs
7 Hang Power Cleans, 95/65 lbs
10 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls, 95/65 lbs

L1- Scale weight as needed, L2/L3- As Prescribed

***Partners will switch work EACH movement**
example, Partner A does 5 thrusters, B does Hang Power Cleans,  A does SDHP, B Does Thrusters, A does Hang Power Cleans, etc…

Cool Down:
4 RF-ME: Barbell Curls and Dumbbell Skull Crushers

4 rounds for max reps of:
Barbell Curls, 65/45 lbs
Dumbbell Skull Crushers, 25/15 lbs

max efforts- to failure
scale as needed- this should be high rep/light weight
3 sets
15 band pull aparts
10 face pulls w/ external rotation
lax ball glutes, hips, pecs, delts + foam roll lats

FRIDAY 01.25.19

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A: Front Squat
Front Squat 5-5-5

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest 2 mins between sets.

Intention: Absolute strength/maintenance

B:AMReps 12 mins:

3 Pull-ups
3 Push-ups
3 Air Squats
6 Pull-ups
6 Push-ups
6 Air Squats
9 Pull-ups
9 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

Continue increasing reps by 3 each round until time is complete.

L1- Ring Rows and Box Push Ups, L3: Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Cool Down:
5 RNFT: Wall Facing Handstand Holds, L Hangs and Bent Over Barbell Rows

5 rounds not for time of:
Wall Facing Handstand Hold, 30 secs
L Hang, 15 secs
10 Bent Over Barbell Rows, pick load
Rest 1 min

accumulate 3 minutes banded hip flexor distraction- each side

THURSDAY 01.24.19

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Deadlift 10-10-10-10-10

Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest 3 mins between sets.

intention: absolute strength, week 2 of deadlift cycle

level 1: build as form allows
level 2/3: as heavy as possible for each set

Cool Down:
3 rounds for max reps of:
10 Barbell Hip Thrusts, pick load
25 Sit-ups
max rep Nordic Curls

8-10 barbell hip thrusts
sit-ups- afap
lax ball glutes, hips
banded hamstring mob

WEDNESDAY 01.23.19

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3 Minute Running Clock:
30/20 Assault Bike Calories Buy-In
Max Calories on Rower w/ remaining time

Rest 3 mins between rounds.

intention: hard aerobic effort- effort on assault bike should be near maximal (but not 100%) to maximize time on rower

Cool Down 1:
4 RNFT: Dragon Flags and Barbell Roll Outs

4 rounds not for time of:
8 Dragon Flags
15 Barbell Roll Outs

7-8 dragon flags- slow and controlled (bent knee okay)
12-15 barbell roll outs- from knees

Cool Down 2:
Hollow Hold : Max Hold

A single Hollow Hold hold for max time.

TUESDAY 01.22.19

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AMRAP 5 mins: Power Cleans and Burpees

Complete as many rounds as possible in 5 mins of:
7 Power Cleans
7 Burpees

L1- (75/45), L2- (95/65), L3- (95/65)

rest 3 mins…

AMRAP 4 mins: Power Cleans and Burpees

Complete as many rounds as possible in 4 mins of:
5 Power Cleans
5 Burpees

L1- (85/45), L2- (115/80), L3- (135/95)

rest 3 mins…

AMRAP 3 mins: Power Cleans and Burpees

Complete as many rounds as possible in 3 mins of:
3 Power Cleans
3 Burpees

L1- (95/65), L2- (135/95), L3- (185/135)

Cool Down 1:
FT: Strict Pull-ups and Push-ups

For time:
50 Strict Pull-ups

Every time you break complete 10 Push-ups.

Cool Down 2:
Banded Hamstring Curls : 3x Max Rep

Banded Hamstring Curls 3x Max Rep

Rest as needed between efforts.

25+ reps
lax ball glutes, hips, pecs, delts

MONDAY 01.21.19

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We will be running a normal schedule for classes today:

A.) movement prep


B.) 22 minute AMRAP

400m run
15 toes to bar
Max unbroken thrusters

Level 1: sub knee raises, pick load for 12+ thrusters each time

Level 2: 115/80

Level 3: 20 toes to bar, 135/95

*goal on thrusters is 12+ each set, try to go for “true” max set each time

Cool Down.) 4 sets

12 supine ring rows (underhand grip)
24 alternating db hammer curls (12 per)
Max reps banded Tricep push downs

Rest as needed between sets

CFID Kids 01.20.19

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When Partner 2 finishes the movements, switch positions
Partner 1 Plank holds
Partner 2 completes the following.
10 Plate squat therapy
10 Sit-ups
10 Push-ups
10 Burpees

WOD prep:
CFID team
1 front squat – empty bar
1 Push Press – empty bar
1 hang power clean – empty bar
1 dead lift – add weight

Start with empty bar increase as necessary

Bear hug weights
Dead hang rotate
Plate Squats
Kettle bell swings
Rope Climb – j hook

WOD: EMOM 11 – 40 sec work 20 sec rest
1 Plate Hops
2 Front squat
3 Plate hops
4 Push Press
5 Plate hops
6 Hang Power Clean
7 Plate Hops
8 Deadlift
9 Plate Hops
10 Kettlebell Swing

Team TRIumph
1 Plate hops
2 Bear Hugs – Sand Bag/ med ball
3 Plate hops
4 Kettle Bell Swings
5 Plate hops
6 Dead hang rotate
7 Plate hops
8 Rope climb – J Hook Hang
9 Plate hops
10 Plate squats

SATURDAY 01.19.19

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A.) Teams of 2

20 Minute AMRAP

-20 right arm db hang clean and jerks (50/35)

-20 left arm db hang clean and jerks (50/35)

-20 single arm db box step overs (24/20)

-20 burpee pull ups

*1 person working at a time

Cool Down.) For Time

100 db bench press (50/35)

*every time you break, 10 toes to rings

*choose weight that allows 15+ reps in first set