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WEDNESDAY 10.11.17

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Happy Sweet 16 Amelia Kushner! We have a special workout planned for you tomorrow. It was really hard to find a picture of you, don’t kill me!

A.) Push Press
*Work to daily max
B.) Every 3 minutes until failure
200m run
12 thrusters (75/55)
3 pull ups
*increase pull ups by 3 reps each round
*Athletes should be able to get through at least 5 rounds before failing. Scale to ensure that happens
Extra.) Hspu
In a 10 minute window:
-Complete 3 sets of hspu for max total reps

TUESDAY 10.10.17

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A.) Back Squat
*Work to daily 3RM
Best way to approach is heavy singles and doubles until you’re unsure you can hit 3, then go for it.
B.) For Time
21 calorie row
9/6 muscle ups
15 calorie row
7/5 muscle ups
9 calorie row
5/4 muscle ups
*Time domain for met con is 12 minutes or less. Muscle ups should be 2 sets or less each time. Scale back reps to make this possible.
Extra.) 9 Minute AMRAP
Climb the ladder
2 d-ball/sandbag over the shoulder (100/70)
10/7 calorie row
4 d-ball/sandbag over the shoulder (100/70)
10/7 calorie row
6 d-ball/sandbag over the shoulder (100/70)
*Keep climbing ladder by multiples of 2
*Sub tire flips for d-ball/sandbag

MONDAY 10.09.17

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A.) Snatch

Take 10-15 Minutes to find daily max

B.) 5RFT

8 dead lifts
20 double unders
8 power cleans
20 double unders
8 push jerks
20 double unders


*The dead lifts and the push jerks should be unbroken, fast singles on the cleans
*Time domain should not exceed 15 minutes

Extra.) Shuttle sprints

100 yard sprint
rest 5 minutes
200 yard shuttle sprint (100 yards down, 100 yards back)
rest 5 minutes
300 yard shuttle sprint (100 yards down, 100 yards back, 100 yards down)

FRIDAY 10.06.17

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A.) Snatch ladder

10 squat snatch (135/95)
8 squat snatch (155/105)
6 squat snatch (185/115)
4 squat snatch (205/135)
2 squat snatch (225/155)

*11 minute cap
*select weights that will allow you to get to the 4th bar, possibly 5th

B.) 1 mile run

*go for pr!

Extra.) 7 minute AMRAP

10 power snatch (75/55)
3 bar muscle ups