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Reminder Thoracic Mobility Workshop – Thursday June 4th

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T Spine


 Thursday June 4, 2015

1:00 – 1:45pm & 5:15 – 6:00pm

Join Dr. Dan Shuman, DC  to casually workshop the all-important thoracic spine, or T-spine as it’s commonly referred. Don’t know what the thoracic spine is or why thoracic mobility is crucial? Don’t worry; here are some of the topics that we’ll cover in an hour:

  • Thoracic spine anatomy
  • Typical patterns of dysfunction
  • How it could be part of your SHOULDER, LOW BACK OR NECK PAIN!
  • Ways to measure T-spine mobility
  • Systems to improve and fix mobility issues.

All materials will be provided. Just bring yourself, some comfortable clothing and a smile and we’ll have some fun. Feel free to bring a guest. Please RSVP to Dr. Shuman know ( so that enough equipment will be available. Please make sure that you specify if you are bringing a guest.