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CrossFit Games Open at CFID – Week 2 Update

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Week 2 of the CrossFit Games Open was exciting and tough. Open WOD 15.2 was about digging deep and forcing yourself to go on. It was incredible to watch our athletes push themselves to their personal bests. Remember to come out again this Friday evening at 5:30pm or Saturday at 10: to take on 15.3.

The top performer of 15. 2 who receive a prize from Grub Burger Bar are:

Rx Female:

1. Anne Marie Dillard

2. Virginia Nalle

3. Florie Glusman & Rachel Reider

Rx Male:

1. Francisco Barillas

2. Trace Hitt

3. Eyal Segal

Scale Female:

1. Kristen Gray

2. Stephanie Jones

3. Amanda McCord

Scale Male:

1. John Ulzheimer

2. Luis Boscan-Hendricks

3. Geoff Pope


Comments: 94

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