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Take your identity to the next level - elite athlete - in our training programs. Our group classes push you with the motivating team spirit you’ll feel all around you. And our 1-on-1 sessions focus 100% on your abilities, needs and goals to get you over your obstacles and into your personal success zone. Joining either version of our training programs is the best way to get fit while having a blast. Working out will finally be something you look forward to!

  • On-Ramp

    New to CrossFit? Come learn the basics with one of our experienced coaches. On-Ramp is the next step after your free trial class. On-Ramp consists of 5 one-on-one sessions with a coach. These sessions are required for all of those who are new to CrossFit. We want to provide the safest and most informative entry to fitness as possible. During these sessions you will learn the 9 foundational movements + many other movements that you will see in classes. We will also go over basic nutrition information and explain to you what CrossFit is, and how it can change your life. After these sessions we recommend that you attend our CrossFit 101 classes.  Click here for a free article explaining the CrossFit Methodology.



    • $195- 5 one-on one-sessions (required for all new to CrossFit)
  • Online Coaching

    Are you unable to make it in to the gym but still looking to stay in shape? Contact us about online coaching. We can write you a workout plan that caters to your schedule and to the equipment that you have access to. Take the thought out of your day and let us plan your workouts for you!


    • $195 for unlimited monthly programming
  • CrossFit 101

    Technique, Consistency, Intensity.  In that order, always!

    New to CrossFit? Need to get motivated and moving but not sure where to start?  Our CrossFit 101 class is a great place to get introduced to our programming.

    What you can expect:

    Every CrossFit 101 class will consist of a group warmup, mini skill session, and a high intensity workout.

    How is CrossFit 101 different from other classes at CFID?:

    Our 101 classes are focused on functional movement performed at a high intensity. We remove the heavier lifting and some of the more complex barbell movements. We focus on bodyweight movements, basic gymnastic skills, and lots of teaching! You can still expect to see basic barbell movements, kettlebells, and dumbbells mixed into longer duration workouts.

    Who are these classes best for?

    EVERYONE! That’s the beauty of CrossFit. The movements we utilize are functional and tap into how your body was designed to move. Everything we do can be scaled or modified based on fitness level, range of motion, and capacity.

    When is CrossFit 101 Offered? (beginning Jan. 8, 2018)

    Monday through Wednesday- 9:30am/7:00pm

    Thursday and Friday- 9:30am/6pm

    Saturday- 10:30 am


    • $165 for 10 sessions (expires in 8 weeks) or $195/month for unlimited
  • CrossFit

    Simply put, CrossFit is the “sport of fitness.” Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. CrossFit has turned the boring, mundane yet necessary task of “working out” into a sort of game. CrossFit is a training program that builds functional strength and conditioning through daily workouts that are constantly varied and push your body to the limits.

    We train your body to be capable of taking on any physical challenge life throws at you. Need to climb a tree to get your cat out? We’ve got you covered. Need to sprint across the parking lot to catch your runaway shopping cart. No problem! Want to impress that lovely lady by holding the cart above your head with a single arm? We can work on that, too.


    • $195 - Unlimited Monthly Membership
    • $999 - 6-Month Membership (prepaid)
    • $1899 - 12-Month Membership (prepaid)
    • $165- 10 Class Pack (expires in 8 weeks)
  • Olympic Weightlifting

    Are you looking to improve on your barbell skills? We have experience with novice and elite level weightlifters. Come check out our weightlifting classes with coach Joe Roark. Joe is a national level weightlifter and was previously part of the ELEIKO weightlifting instructional staff.  We currently offer classes three days a week.


    Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 AM-7:30 AM

    Saturday 10:30 AM- 12:00 PM



    • Included in your Monthly Unlimited Membership
    • *See Joe for extra programming opportunities
  • CrossFit Kids

    Based on the principle of mechanics, consistency and intensity, CrossFit Kids lets kids learn and practice good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good movement translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent attendance to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.


    • $120 for 15 sessions (Children from same family can share sessions)
  • Personal Training

    If you, like many other athletes, have reached a plateau or are not making the type of progress you would like, one-on-one training sessions at CrossFit Identity are the answer. Personal training sessions are the most effective and efficient way to achieve your personal fitness goals – especially when the WOD is just not enough to get you to where you want to be.

    One of our world-class coaches will help you define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and coach you through a program created specifically for your needs. This is the best option for athletes who are serious about taking their training to the next level.


    • $70 - 1-Hour session
    • $390 - 6 pack
    • $720 - 12 pack
  • Half-Hour Skill Session

    Are you still doing single-unders when the WOD calls for doubles? Still using a band for your pull ups, when you know full well you should have retired that thing months ago? Well, stop dreaming, because now is the time to do something about it.

    Skills rarely develop during a WOD, so putting in a bit of extra work during our half-hour skill session is truly a must for those athletes who are struggling in certain CrossFit movements.


    • $35 - Single session
    • $100 - 3 pack
    • $180 - 6 pack
    • Recurring Membership Option


      Per Month

      • No-contract commitment
      • Unlimited access to:
      • CrossFit Classes
      • CrossFit 101
      • Olympic Weightlifting
      • Open Gym
      • *$20/month discount for active-duty military*
    • 6 Month Prepaid Membership


      per year

      • Unlimited access to:
      • CrossFit Classes
      • CrossFit 101
      • Olympic Weightlifting
      • Open Gym
    • 12 Month Prepaid Membership


      per year

      • Unlimited access to:
      • CrossFit Classes
      • CrossFit 101
      • Olympic Weightlifting
      • Open Gym


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