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THURSDAY 11.29.18

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Warm Up:
before class:
3x 1 minute
alternating foot pull with jump rope (single unders)
accumulate 3 minutes in active deep squat

in class:
run 800 meters
3 sets
50’ spiderman lunge
5 reps each side single leg hip thrust
50’ partner assisted band resisted sprint drill
10 double leg hip thrusts
100’ afap bw walking lunge

A.) 4 rounds for time of:
Run, 400 m
Walking Lunge, 100 ft

LEVEL 3: (50/35) each hand on walking lunges

Cool Down 1.) Strict Toes-to-bars 5×5

Rest as needed between efforts.

Cool Down 2.) For time:
Farmers Carry, pick load, 400 m
as heavy as possible
challenge your grip!
straddle stretch (volume progression from previous week)
3x through:
1 min to the left
1 min center
1 min to the right
1 min center
quad mash/ lax ball feet and calves