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TUESDAY 06.27.17

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A.) Power clean and push jerk

5×5 @75% of 1RM clean and jerk

*perform lifts every 3 minutes, drop and reset between reps

B.) 2RFT

15 cal bike or row

15 toes to bar

15 clean and jerks (115/85)

*go unbroken on pull up bar and clean and jerks*

Extra Piece

10 Rounds

5 strict hspu

5 kipping hspu

bike 10 calories between rounds for rest

TUESDAY 06.19.17

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A.) Squat Clean and Split Jerk

Every 2 Minutes for 20 Minutes
1 squat clean and split jerk
*Go by feel, if you are feeling good attempt new PR
B.) 15 minute EMOM
Minute 1: 30 double unders
Minute 2: 30 ft handstand walk (sub shoulder touches/bear crawl)
Minute 3: 1 rope climb (sub 5 strict pull ups)

MONDAY 06.19.17

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Weakness warm up
choose 1 of the following
2k row
1 mile run
100/80 calories on bike
75 bar facing burpees
A.) Box Squats
10×2 50-60%
*Work on speed on the way up
Perform as 10 minute EMOM
B.) 4RFT
8 power cleans (185/115)
18/14 calorie row
Extra Piece:
12x100m sprint
sprint out and walk back (use walk as recovery time)